TBT - Making Carbon Sinks

I used this mold a few weeks ago for a vacuum bagging video and remembered this old post from 2015. It is a great quick demonstration of the process of building a plug, then infusing a mold, and then making prepreg carbon parts in an autoclave. Figured I’d share it.

These were for an interesting yacht called FOGGY which builder Brooklin Boat Yard describes as “a 74′ German Frers-designed daysailer with styling by the world-renowned architect Frank Gehry. “

It has a bunch of carbon sinks.

I never saw them installed - hopefully they look shiny!

While on the topic of tooling paste, here is a picture showing the process:

ATC T28 tooling paste

This is a polyester tooling paste (ATC T-28) dispensed from a drum. It makes very nice plugs and molds but the process is time consuming and is not worth it for small parts. I would choose to make things this sized out of urethane tooling board. There is a point at which the total cost of a paste based system with its cheaper volume passes tooling board with its faster time to surface but more expensive volume. My guess is that the lines cross somewhere around the size of a couch!