Hi, I’m Chris!

Do you need help with…

  • figuring out how to build things out of composite materials while balancing requirements that don’t work out in an obvious way?

  • designing tooling and processes for composite projects, including CAD work and prototyping?

  • refining the design of products and making sure manufacturing is as easy as possible?

My background is in building really high-end racing sailboats and components and I spent years working in really good shops and for racing teams. Next I spent about five years running (and co-running) a small high-performance composites job shop building all kinds of strong, shiny and complicated things out of carbon fiber. It turns out I wasn’t very good at juggling all the parts of a business that aren’t about building - but I am really useful when figuring out how to make things!

Now I focus on the thinking / designing / prototyping part - which is the part I’m good at and really enjoy!

How can I help you?

If you're looking for a collaborator for a crazy project, a job in the composites industry, or advice on fixing a CNC router - please get in touch too - maybe I can help you out!