Hi, I’m Chris!

My background is in building racing sailboats and I spent about five years running a small high-performance composites job shop. Turns out I wasn’t very good at juggling all the parts of a business! We built lots of really nice stuff but I worked too much, got paid too little and developed a sensitivity to some epoxy resin systems. We decided to stop before anybody got hurt. Now I focus on the thinking / designing / prototyping part - which is the part I’m good at and really enjoy!

Do you need help with…

  • figuring out how to build things out of composite materials while balancing requirements that don’t work out in an obvious way?

  • designing tooling and processes for composite projects, including CAD work and prototyping?

  • somebody to ask the right questions and provide up-front and honest perspective on your project?

I may not build you anything or send you any invoices, but I'll help however I can!

And if you need some quick 3D printed prototypes or super strong plastic end-use parts, please get in touch. I have a couple of Markforged composite printers and a larger FDM machine, as well as a small scale CNC machine shop for metal work. I don’t do production work, but would love to help with interesting projects!

If you're looking for a collaborator for a project, a job in the composites industry, or advice on fixing a CNC router - please get in touch too - maybe I can help you out!